An academic paper written by Hitan was officially published!

A scientific paper written by Hitan was officially published in “Journal of Applied Physics”!

Hello, this is Hitan!

Recently, the Idle/RPG game “Incremental Epic Hero” made by us, the Hapiwaku family, has achieved 200,000 plays in about two weeks and has been very well received!

In such a happy situation, I was also pleased with another results as a researcher at Keio University!

A research paper called “High-speed electroluminescence from semiconducting carbon nanotube films” written by me as the first author was published in an international journal called “Journal of Applied Physics” which is widely known in the field of physics!!!!

You can browse and download a PDF from the Journal of Applied Physics website.

To explain the contents in a simple way, like this;
I made something like an LED light that glows at high speed by using a very small (~ nm) carbon material called carbon nanotube!

In a little more detail,

I have created a small light emitter in the unit of several microns (less than the thickness of hair) that emits electroluminescence, which is the light-emitting principle of LED lights. The material is a rod-shaped substance composed of carbon called carbon nanotube. Through experiments, we found that the light emitted from this device could be emitted from a special exciton called trion, and we also evaluated its high-speed response. It has been clarified experimentally that high-speed light emission of 1 GHz, theoretically several GHz, is possible, and it is expected to be applied to optical communication and light sources of optical interconnect technology such as inside computers.

Details of my research are also posted on my interview page on the Keio University website! Please check it out!

Currently, I am mainly focusing on the game production, so the professors and seniors in my laboratory provided warm support for writing this academic paper. Thank you very much.

In particular, the professor in the laboratory was kind enough to give me a good understanding of this Hapiwaku project and to support me. I appreciate that a lot.

And thank you again, Wakana, for supporting me a lot every day.

This is a paper that was finally published in the world about a year after the writing started.

Together with the development of the Incremental Epic Hero, I hope that my research will also contribute to the development of civilization in this world!✨✨✨