Incremental Epic Hero

Thank you for playing IEH!



Thank you for playing our “Incremental Epic Hero”!!!
This is Hitan 🙂 one of the developers of IEH. I’m 23, a Japanese university student. My perfect wife, our sweet daughter and our good son have been encouraged me a lot to create this wonderful game.

This website “Happy Wakuwaku Project”, or “Hapiwaku”, was originally intended for Japanese people, and I had written them only in Japanese. However, when I announced IEH to the world, I’ve decided to write articles in English then. Though I’m not good at English so far lol
There are few articles in English on this website so far. But I would love to write in English for our fans!! Such as some stories behind the development of our game.

“Incremental Epic Hero” contains the full of our dream, which was made by us family, my great developing partner, Kei, and a lot of friendly supporters.

Kei and I have developed IEH for 6 months, no matter cost, we keep again and again with a strong wish for our game. Almost all of the drawings in our game are drawn by Aru-chan who is my 13 daughter 🙂
My wife, Wakana, always supported us so that we can concentrate on developing. After releasing the alpha version on Reddit, a super collaborator, Loren, also joined us. I will write about them in detail later! 😀

Anyway, thank you for supporting.
We really appreciate all of you!




Hi everyone!

This is Kei who is one of the developers of Incremental Epic Hero!
First, I would like to say thank everyone who played our game 😀
I want to write about how this game has been made, especially how other people have been involved in developing this game.

My first work was “Idle Reversi” which is still live on Kong (though I’ve changed our Kong account :p) almost a year ago. This game was made by only two people who is totally beginner in terms of everything : programming, planning, and English lol

Then we didn’t get good reputation for that. But we also had the most exciting experience that I ever have. A lot of people were reacting to our games and said they had really enjoyed our game XD
Then I realized that developing games are VERY MUCH fun and I wanted to live on it. About 3 months right after releasing “Idle Reversi”, we made our second work “Idle Wine”, which I heard is weird but fun lol

We got somewhat better reputation for this game, but we weren’t able to get permission for Kreds. One of us left the school and the other quit the job because we decided to make a living on game developing. So the fact that we couldn’t monetize from the game is so severe… but we never given up our ambitious.

That’s why the new game “IEH” is here, it took almost 6 months to complete. There are a lot of people involved in this project. New member of our team is Hitan who runs this web site (in short… he is funny man at all). He has an extraordinary talent for mathematics, programming, and game planning. He was totally the beginner of programming when we started to develop the game, but he soon understood all what it takes to make the game. Actually, we were supposed to make a very small game at first, but finally we have developed huge game lol

Also I want you to know that the paintings in this game are drawn by his family including his wife, sister, and daughter. I think they are crazy but I like them 🙂
I believe their work adds good taste to the game, making it give much better player experience.

Also, I have to talk about very important person, Loren. He is also the member of our game developing team. What’s surprising, he is from discord of our game! He is in charge of almost all flavor texts in the game and helps us with everything which needs English lol

In addition, a lot of contents originally come from his idea. He is a kind of idea machine!! We are so glad that he is not only our business partner, but also he is our best friend! We enjoyed ordinary conversation in English as well as game developing discussion 🙂

Finally, I would like to tell you my (and our) ambition and future. You may be curious about why we make only idle/incremental games and publish them in America. In fact, I’m so crazy about both playing and making idle/incremental games. I think my first experience of idle games is playing “Cookie Clicker”, and I was so much surprised to play such a kind of game. Just click cookie and that’s all? But it’s very fun and I was obsessed with it. And since then, I have played a lot of idle games including clicker heroes, realm grinder, antimatter dimensions… and I was so curious that why there aren’t famous idle/incremental games in Japan?

That’s the trigger to make me start to think of making idle games. But I thought it wouldn’t have got much attention if I released the game in Japan. That’s why we are fighting in Kongregate lol

But our goal is to make a lot of idle/incremental games in Japan, of course in all over the world too!

I hope you keep watching us!

That’s all, thank you.


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