Patch Notes IEB

Patch Notes

[ver.] Major Update! REINCARNATION

Added : Reincarnation (Ascension Tier 2)
Added : New Challenge
Added : Hotkey “Alt-N” to display craft names set in the map
Balanced : Challenge difficulty of high Tier (harder but more rewarded)
Balanced : Treasure Chest Chance in challenge
Fixed : Hotkey “Alt-C” / “Shift-C” to lock / unlock all crafts set in the map
Fixed : Minimum stock of crafts now counts crafts set in the map
Fixed : Buttons are now enabled while Performance mode
Fixed : Bulk allocation of Ascend Spirits
Fixed : Equiped number works properly in Inventory Slot page 4
Fixed : Open Treasure Chest Quest counting
Fixed : Challenge Base ATK statsbreakdowns
Fixed : Rewards in Mission when switching with tab
Fixed : Other minor bugs
Bonus Code : IEBreincarnation

[ver.] 2020.12.28

Added : Hotkey “Alt-C” / “Shift-Alt-C” to lock/unlock all crafts set in the map
Added : Hotkey “Shift-1”, “Shift-2”, etc. to trigger Active Skills
Balanced : Buffed Gold Cap Improvement (Tier 2 or higher)
Balanced : Knockback Chance is now limited to 50%
Balanced : Challenge Infinite Bonus (more than 5k kills)
Fixed : Display bugs

[ver.] 2020.12.26

Added : Minimum Stock Craft in QoL 2 of Epic Store
Added : Yellow “!” on Active Skills when unleashed
Fixed : Display bugs of Equipment
Fixed : Spirit Save now works correctly
Fixed : Sonic Boom removed treasure chest from the map
Fixed : Other minor bugs

[ver.] VARIOUS QUESTS UPDATE! 2020.12.22

Added : New various quests
Added : Craft page Tier is now changed when map’s tier changed
Added : Challenge Name is now shown on the map while challenge
Fixed : Now you can access Expedition and Artifact just after Ascension
Fixed : The total amount of Craft Passive Effect was wrongly calculated
Fixed : Display bugs and typos
Fixed : Other minor bugs

Thank you as always for playing and enjoying IEB 🙂
New various quests are now in the game! You can proceed faster and faster at the beginning of the game by the Nitro reward of Tutorial Quests. You can also earn much Epic Coin by completing many kinds of quests.
The Craft Quests are our favorite, which requires your brain training! Fulfill the map with your various crafts efficiently and beautifully. Thanks to your wonderful feedback, we are improving this game much!!
We hope this update will make a difference to whole game playing! 😀

[ver.] 2020.12.17

Added : Tutorial Quest
Added : Tooltips for Improvement
Fixed : Reported display bugs

[ver.] 2020.12.16

Fixed : Reported typos
Fixed : Equipment Upgrade (Quality) now works correctly

[ver.] 2020.12.15

Added : Click-boosting function in Setting

[ver.] 2020.12.14

Added : Tooltips at the beginning of the game
Added : Tooltips for Craft Lineage Tabs

[ver.] Hotfix 2020.12.13

Fixed : Some of the Challenge Reward
Fixed : Premium Craft [Wall] now works correctly
Fixed : Reported typos

[ver.] Official Launch 2020.12.11