Next Patch [Ver.] ② 2020.05.19 | Incremental Epic Hero

Next Patch [Ver.] is coming!

This is Hitan!

This is the continuation of this patch [ver.] introduction!

Added: New Epic Store Stuffs for Alchemy!

Alchemy Lock (QoL 3)

You can lock and preserve the items in alchemy so that you don’t accidentally use them! Locked items are not used when you do Use All too.

– “L” to lock
– “Shift-L” to unlock
– “Shift-X-L” to unlock all

Alchemy Inventory + 4 (Ambition 2)

You can expand your Alchemy Inventory by purchasing these ambitious stuffs!

Added: Convenient Hotkeys!

  • “Shift-P” to turn on/off Performance Mode
  • “Shift-T” to enable/disable all Tool-tips
  • “Shift-B” to enable/disable all attack animations in the battle field

Added: 2 new Dark Ritual Gems!

Two more Gems are now in the game! Also, you can see the Worker Power Breakdown in the Tool-tip.


Rebalanced: Removed the cap of capturing chance, which was previously 90%.
Fixed: Adjusted the loot log up just a little bit so that the text isn’t displayed behind buff icons.
Fixed: “Damage Text” now includes “Critical” and “Dodge” so you can limit those texts in the system.
Fixed: Using “MAX” on Donate to the Slime Orphan Fund now stops when it reaches your max reputation.
Fixed: Alphabetized the Inventory items
and so on…