Next Patch [Ver.] 2020.05.08 | Incremental Epic Hero

Next Patch [Ver.] is coming!

This is Hitan, one of the Japanese developers of Incremental Epic Hero!

I always appreciate all of you for playing our game 😀

Next Patch [Ver.] will be updated May 8, 2020!

I will introduce some of the stuffs in the next patch!

Added: Area 7 is now in the game!

New Area 7 is now in the game where new monsters “Devil Fish” spawn!

Added: New QoL Upgrade in Epic Store!

3 new QoL Upgrades are added in Epic Store!

Clear All Equipment

Mainly for no Equipment mission, you can remove All Equipment at once with this button!
Also, you can always revert to your original state with the same button. (This is also a convenient function) 🙂

Favorite Area

Mousing over an Area and hit “F” key defines your favorite area! (The area number turns yellow.) Favorite Area allows you to designate a return point other than Area 1-1!

Super Queue

Super Queue – use 5 upgrade queue slots on a Super Queue. Once assigned it will continue to purchase an upgrade provided that you have enough Gold!


Added: Shift-Right Click as a hotkey to remove queue from upgrades.
Added: Right-clicking a craftable item (potions, nets, etc.).
– This functions the same as mousing over and pressing “m” in that it tries to Buy Max

Fixed: Bonus Code error.
Fixed: Fox loot table has been corrected.
Fixed: Bestiary milestones all changed to grant bonus HP (with all milestones now working correctly)
– This change was necessary to prevent a massive rewrite of the bestiary fundamental code.
Fixed : a lot of reported bugs… (thank you for reporting!)
and so on…

Please look forward to the next patch!

Coming Update

Thank you again for enjoying our game a lot and tell us your feedback 🙂

We’ll take them one by one and improve our game little by little since we are so small game developer team, not a big game company.

Now we are trying so hard for the next MAJOR UPDATE.

I can’t say much more about it so far, but let’s UNLEASH just one. . .

Thank you 🙂