Next Patch [Ver.] ① 2020.05.19 | Incremental Epic Hero

Next Patch [Ver.] is coming!

This is Hitan, one of the Japanese developers of Incremental Epic Hero!

Thank you for always playing and enjoying our game a lot! 😀

Next Patch [Ver.] will be updated May 19, 2020!

To be honest, we were originally planning that the next patch was to be Major Update [ver.] which includes REINCARNATION. In fact the operation is currently being confirmed. We are carefully developing it with repeated test play in order to make it so much wonderful patch and to avoid serious bugs when updating.

I found it would take a little longer. So I decided to add as [ver.] just a part of the new stuffs which were planned in Major Update.

We are always encouraged by your warm comments! Thank you for supporting as always!

I will introduce some of the stuffs in the next patch this time too!

Added: New Challenge Boss Octobaddie

The long-awaited new challenge boss Octobaddie is here! We made him sooooo challenging! Though we assume that you can’t beat him without reincarnation, please give it a try if you are motivated!

Also this time, we are holding the first competition experimentally! You will receive the reward if you beat him at least once!

Added: New Equipment Rank A

After you defeat Octobaddie, 10 new Equipment of rank A will be unleashed!

Details will not be disclosed here, but they are all powerful equipment.
One of them may expand the drop slot….
One of them may be … a kind of banana.

Added: New Epic Store Stuffs

Custom Move Speed (QoL 3)

You can customize your move speed from 1% to 100% of your original move speed.

Super Queue for Slime Bank (QoL 3)

Like normal Super Queue, you can use 5 upgrade queue slots for Slime Bank on a Super Queue. Once assigned it will continue to purchase an upgrade provided that you have enough Slime Coin!

Monster Fluid Bundle x20 (Unlimited)

You can instantly gain 10000 Monster Fluid with a little cheaper than a regular one.

Major Weakening Tincture O

Resets Octobaddie Challenge Boss back to Level 1


Improved the game performance more.
Added: new alchemy
Added: new dark ritual Gem
Added: new bonus code
Fixed: some reported bugs
and so on…

Please look forward to the next patch!