A month since we released Incremental Epic Hero! | Bonus Code

This picture was taken on May 15, 2020

It’s been for a month since we released IEH!

2020.05.19 (Official Launch : 2020.04.15 01:00 am (JST) )

This is Hitan, one of the Japanese developers of Incremental Epic Hero 🙂

It’s been for a month since we released our game and we’ve reached more than 300,000 plays!!!!

Thank you soooo much for supporting us!!!

This time, I’ll post messages from our artwork team members!

Almost all of the drawings in our game are drawn by Aru-chan who is my 13 daughter, with supported by my wife, Wakana, and my sister, Nohn-chan. 🙂

They are now trying hard to create the new drawings for the next Major Update!!!!

Here is the message from Aru-chan!

Thank you very much for playing Incremental Epic Hero!

I’ve been working as artist since the beginning. To be honest, I am really slow starter. And the drawing what I had to draw wasn’t my original art style. So I struggled a lot. Moreover I felt down when I got so many rejected. Anyway, people helped me so many times. All our team members, my friends, colleagues. And of course all you play IEH! Some of our players gave us warm messages.  I always remember what wrote down on this message. And think about how lucky I am. Again, thank you to all of you. I’ve learned that people are always here for me and creating one things together is so fan more than I thought.

In the future, I would love to draw to make people happy more and more! Please continue to take care of us thank you for your kindness!

Here is the massegae from Nohn-chan!

Thank you for playing IEH!
I am Hitan’s younger sister and I work for drawings. So I’ve been giving him advices very honestly lol

I draw like always because drawing is one of my habit. And my habit turned to my job now. To be honest, it was hard choice to get a job which I used to do for myself. I fixed my drawing again and again. This job isn’t easy for me but I did it for our players who enjoy our game!! So I didn’t gave up on my job. From now, I understand it is true that your drawing gets better when you publish your drawing to show people. I’ve learned so much things while I work for this project.

And, just you know that I finally own iPad! So it will be more easier than android to draw! Thank you so much for supporting us!

By the way, I do love watching streams of other people playing video games. Secretly … I love Usizawa (Japanese game commentary)! I have a dream that I create a game which they want to play and stream our game!

Here is the message from Wakana!

Thank you for enjoying Incremental Epic Hero! I am so proud of you guys. We start this project with full of dream and our bright memories‼️

Again, thank you very much! We had so many emotions during this time. It wasn’t only happy you know, some time it’s hard to achieve your goal. However, we met you guys! This is the happiest things ever you enjoy our game! We feel it was full of love coming to us! We are so excited to see you guys!

You guys are our treasure! We are the mine character, all of us!

Let you know that we put hope into this game. We own our life, and your dreams come true. Even thought the life is hard, it have plan for us. Beautiful, bright plans. So we keep going to see what we can now. Then our dream come true! It feels amazing when you achieve something you want. And you will realize who you are!

“Yes! I did it!!! I can do whatever I want!!!”
That’s right!

You can do whatever you want if you wish and do for it! It’s not just in game, life is the same. It’s very important that you know it! I hope you can believe yourself, and spend time how they want. Our people who work for this project think this way. It’s our happy tips to life this world!!!

Hapiwaku members have started walking same steps! Each of us have dreams. Including our players! So let’s achieve our goal together! And live happy life!!! Those are all our hopes which we put into this game. Become who you really are! We will help you with this project and make you exciting to live more and more!

Dear our people, lets enjoy our life with us!!!!

Thank you for reading those messages!

IEH is full of family love!

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