IEH won the 4th place in Kongregate Monthly Contest! | Bonus Code

We won the 4th place in Kongregate Monthly Contest for April 2020!

2020.05.09 (Official Launch : 2020.04.15 01:00 am (JST) )

This is Hitan, one of the Japanese developers of Incremental Epic Hero 🙂

We won the 4th place in Kongregate Monthly Contest For April 2020!!!!

Also, our game got the highest number of plays in this month!!

Thank you sooooo much for always supporting us a lot!!!! XD

We are so small developer team. I started learning programming from scratch six months ago. My daughter Aru-chan was 12 years old at the time, who was originally good at drawing, also started learning for the game design. Since she entered junior high school, she couldn’t quite adjust to the surrounding atmosphere, so she had stayed home often. My wife, Wakana, and I wanted her to do what she really wanted to do. She really loves to create her imagination as paintings! So almost all of the paintings in IEH are painted by Aru-chan. 🙂

We have made this game with a strong passion for the big aim that we hoped to spread happiness and wakuwaku (excitement in Japanese) to the world!

We appreciate all of you for enjoying our game and supporting us a lot!

The world is a little confusing now, but I hope all of you will believe in the wonderful future with happiness and wakuwaku in mind. 🙂

So this time, we’d give you 250 Epic Coins and 500 Monster Fluids as a thank you for this achievement!

The bonus code is “IEHmonthlycontest”.

I think 500 Monster Fluids are so useful especially for the starters of IEH 🙂

I hope more and more people enjoy our game and feel happy wakuwaku!

Thank you.