Next Patch [Ver.] 2020.05.01 | Incremental Epic Hero

Next Patch [Ver.] is coming!

This is Hitan, one of the Japanese developers of Incremental Epic Hero!

I really appreciate all of you for playing our game 😀

Next Patch [Ver.] will be updated May 1, 2020!

I will introduce some of the stuffs in the next patch!

Added new backgrounds for Area 5 and 6!!!

Almost all of the drawings in our game are drawn by Aru-chan who is my 13 daughter, with supported by my wife, Wakana, and my sister, Nohn-chan. 🙂

Aru-chan paints 3 classes, skills icons, upgrades icons, equipment, monsters, animations and the whole atmosphere of this game!

Wakana paints mainly backgrounds, challenge bosses, some equipment and so on.

Nohn-chan paints slime bank upgrades icons, some equipment, some monsters and so on.

So those coming backgrounds are mainly painted by Wakana 🙂

By the way, we are planning to major update “Reincarnation” in the near future. Aru-chan and Nohn-chan are now try hard to paint the new class images for it!

IEH is full of family love!

Added Class Passives!!!

New feature “Class Passive” is coming!

This is a class-specific effect that works according to the achievement rate of the bar below the skill table!

It will make much improvement to each class!

Wizard improvement!

We buffed Fire Ball and Lightning Thunder!!!

Magical damage of Fire Ball is now increased a lot every 5 levels, which helps Wizard progression at the start of the game!

Lightning Thunder’s damage is also much more increased!!!
Moreover, its attack range is expanded to the entire battlefield and the number of attacks has doubled!

Added New Slime Bank Upgrades

We’ve added new stuffs in Slime Bank to help you grow better!

Stay tuned!


Added : new Missions for Area 6
Added : two more Global Skill Slots
Added : Area Mastery beyond 10000 times clear
Fixed : a lot of reported bugs… (thank you for reporting!)
and so on…

Please look forward to the next patch!

I’m so happy to see all you enjoying and exciting our game!

Thank you 🙂